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NovoJet Printhead Deep Dive: Unlocking a wider range of materials.

At the heart of our transformative additive manufacturing technology lies the NovoJet Printhead. This innovative piece of engineering serves as the linchpin that propels us into uncharted territories in materials. 

In this webinar, CTO Ramon Borrell illustrates what sets NovoJet apart and how it's empowering 2D and 3D printing as we know it.

Access the webinar recording to learn more about our proprietary printhead and its most promising applications.


/ 18 Jan 2024 14:00 CET
/ 30 min presentation + Q&A



Webinar Contents

What's so special about NovoJet Printhead?
Practical features such as strong actuation and material recirculation empower users to explore a vast array of materials, from ultra-high viscosity fluids to high particle loads.

High viscosity 3D printing sounds fancy, but what does it really mean? We discuss the nitty-gritty, covering the advantages, challenges, and what it brings to the table for various applications.

Showcase materials we've worked with and tell you why they matter by illustrating some of the relevant properties enabled by our technology: flexibility, UV resistance, conductivity, high toughness, and more. Practical applications and real challenges.

NovoJet Printhead FULL BLACK

Webinar / 11th Apr 2024

NovoJetâ„¢ JetPack Deep Dive:
Empowering Inkjet R&D for Material Validation and Electronics Applications.

A tool for jettability testing and material characterization, JetPack is the key to unlocking the full potential of inkjet material development and empower new applications.

In this webinar, Shahzad Khan provides an overview of our technology, illustrating the potential of inkjet and showcasing its most promising electronic applications.